Why now?

Why I decided to start writing now seems like a reasonable question.

The answer is that when something really huje is happening in our lives we rarely understand its impact the time it is happening. Even if we realize that what is happening is big we cannot understand how big it is.

It was last March when I went to my job for the last time. I mean being physically present there. I keep working from home ever since. Whoever i was talking to at the time we were all guessing that all these would last for a couple of months….a couple of months and we were talking about it as these two months would really be a long time. 

These two months were too long. And so were all the other months that followed. What has happened during all this time? 

Pandemia. Worldwide lockdowns. Social distancing. Teleworking. Masks. Financial breakdown. Poverty. Human rights violations. Fake news. Vaccines. Police brutality. Most of all, society was prepared and educated for a new world order.

Most residents of this planet are willing to give up so much in order to protect their safety and the safety of their loved ones. I don’ t find this strange or crazy. It is understood and it is expected to happen. Self-preservation instinct is the strongest human instinct.

What i mean to say is that within this last year everything is really weird compared to what it was before. I am afraid to think of what it will be like when all these come to an end. I am afraid to think of who we will be when all these come to an end.

I am not a negative person to end this post like that. No matter what I still believe in people. I believe in love and kindness. We will find a way. We will make it through.

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