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Commitment Can Set You Free – 5 Reasons That Prove It

Do you believe that commitment means that you lose part of your freedom? That you will never be free enough to explore your options to the fullest? That you somehow will limit yourself to live your life in a specific place, doing one job, spending the rest of your life with one person only, etc.?

Well, I used to think about commitment the exact same way.  I always preferred to think of myself as a free bird, able to live wherever I wanted to, doing whatever I wish, be with whoever I wanted to whenever I wanted to. I was terrified even at the sound of the word commitment.

While, yes, signing a contract is an obligatory type of commitment, the reason that stands behind this is not. While marriage is a formal declaration of your commitment to one person, the reason you are getting married isn’t.

If what you feel about commitment is that it will make you lose a part of your freedom I think it means that in some way you are committed to the idea of freedom that has been created inside your head.

While growing older, what I realized is that commitment does not necessarily mean signing a contract or getting married. Commitment is something much bigger, can be found in many aspects of our life, and can set us free in so many ways.

1. Commitment to a Bigger Purpose

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To commit yourself to a bigger purpose is what can help you make your dreams come true. Commitment in this case is the fuel that makes you keep going no matter what. It is the dedication of yourself and your energy to something bigger.

Commitment is what is behind every Olympic champion, every great scientist, or every great artist. In this case, commitment is what can set your mind free to dream the impossible and make it happen.

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.”

Albert Einstein

2. Commitment to a Person

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Commitment to one person could be terrifying thinking that you dedicate yourself to one person only. But if this one feels like the one for you, why would that be a bad thing?

Having found a person that feels right for you and making the decision to commit does not mean that you lose all those you have not met yet. It means that you set yourself free to explore yourself along with the person of your choice.

“True love – that is, deep, abiding love that is impervious to emotional whims or fancy – is a choice. It’s a constant commitment to a person regardless of the present circumstances”

Mark Manson

3. Commit Yourself to a Job

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During our life, most of us go through several different jobs from package delivery boys/girls to office employees or freelancers.  Most of us can perform well in different kinds of jobs, all of which offer us something.

Commitment to a job that offers some money can offer financial help to pay our rent and bills, to a job that offers much more money can offer us the financial freedom to do whatever else we like, even if it means just wasting money. Financial freedom could mean anything.

Commitment to a freelance job means that you commit to your choice of being free to choose the jobs you decide to do, meaning that from that point on you would be absolutely responsible for your working life. No boss to put the blame on.

4. Commit Yourself to a Choice

Sometimes the exploration of different choices could turn out to be exhausting research of the extraordinary. There comes a point when a specific choice is enough.

We might proceed and check what else is out there that might be waiting for us but yet we do know what we want. In this case, ignoring what we feel and know is the right thing for us for the sake of exploration could be one of the stupidest things to do.

5. Commitment to a Place

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You might feel the need to travel and live in different places of this world, and this is great because understanding different cultures and civilizations are something priceless that helps our mind think under different aspects.

However, at some point, you might decide to drop your anchor in one specific port. To make a decision to live your life in one specific place can set you free to explore everything this place has to offer, everything you can offer to this place, and even more.


Generally, commitment is not something that we are forced to do. To commit to something or someone means that you make a choice and the reason behind this choice is usually our desire to give depth to our choice and to set ourselves free in some way.

Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything, whether it’s a relationship, a business or a hobby

Neil Strauss

How about you?

How do you feel about commitment?

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76 thoughts on “Commitment Can Set You Free – 5 Reasons That Prove It”

  1. Fantastic post. I concur whole heartedly. Freedom doesn’t mean an absence of responsibility. It means you get to choose your responsibilities. Freedom without responsibility isn’t freedom, it’s anarchy. Thanks for sharing your wisdom 🙏

  2. Commitment to something or someone can be seen as losing some form or type of freedom (I don’t necessarily feel this way) but your post is a lovely reminder about shifting our mindset to what we’re actually gaining by committing. Thanks for this refreshing perspective!

    1. Everything is a matter of perspective and shifting our mindset could be life changing. I am glad you liked it Molly! Thank you ❤️

  3. Fab post. I’m all for commitments be it personal or professional life. It’s something very important to me and to know that the people in my lives are and will be committed to me too, it kind of gives that sense of security?

  4. I never thought of it this way before but you’re completely right. Commitment can, actually, set us free. It’s just how we view things that can keep us trapped.

  5. I do worry sometimes that commitment would mean I don’t have as much freedom as I currently have. But in saying that, perhaps when you committ to the right thing or person it won’t feel like a compromise on freedom. Great post!

    1. As I read somewhere but I can’t remember where “Motivating is what makes you start moving, commitment is what makes you keep going”. Everything that truly matters takes effort. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  6. Love this! I always found the idea of commitment terrifying as I thought it would hold me back but that’s really not the case! I am so happy with my current boyfriend now and I feel like I’m growing a lot more into myself with him. Thanks so much for sharing, this was very relatable.

  7. I don’t see it as an issue, to be honest. You can always have so many options and are free to do but some things can’t do. That doesn’t mean it’s not freedom. Commit to a person can do tons and explore many options.

  8. I find that having a purpose gives me something to continuously work towards and that sense of knowing is incredibly freeing. It gives me something to think about and something to do and something to feel passionately about, and also the freedom to know that what I am working towards can change but the goal will always be there.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how commitment sets us free!

    1. Commitment to a purpose is the fuel to makes us keep moving forward to reach our goals. Thank you for reading and taking time to share your opinion on it 🙂

  9. I find comittment gives me the structure I need to combat my anxiety…which is freeing in and of itself. 😊 Great article!

  10. I feel this post on such a level, the commitment I have to my husband gives me so much strength! Through the ups and the downs, I have someone I can turn to and share those moments

  11. This is a great way of thinking about commitment.

    Before getting married, I used to think I would be giving up my freedom, but I don’t now 😁

  12. Reading this post was refreshing. It cast an entirely different perspective on the matter. Choice, dedication, purposeful just some of the better ways to look at commitment.

  13. I think that’s my problem, I still don’t know what I want to do with any aspect of my life, so I lack a lot of commitment. The things I think I want to do, I don’t know how to achieve them, so I can’t commit to them either

    1. I see what you mean. This could be a problem but on the other hand I guess you do know what you don’t want. And that is something. As for those that you think you want, if you really want them, you will find a way to achieve them. Thank you for reading and sharing your side on the subject 🙂

  14. I feel like having a commitment to someone else can be hard at times but we have to commit to ourselves as well. The fact that you accept yourself is also a sort of commitment that will set you free. Freedom is whatever you define it to be. I love the fact that you have written such an inspiring post. I read a lot of inspiring comments as well. This is so great!

    1. Totally agree Inna! Ourself is the first person we should all commit. Indeed freedom is a subject of perception. I am glad you found it interesting and I am happy you also added your view on it. Thank you ❤️

  15. Brilliant post, really interesting. I used to see commitment as a loss of freedom and identity, then explored choices thinking they’d give me freedom, with disastrous consequences. The commitment I have to people and situations now don’t restrict they give me the ability to live a life I want to live

    1. That is right Sarah! Commitment to the right things or people, in the right way can lead to a fulfilled life. Thank you for reading and sharing your opinion on it 🙂

  16. This is a nice perspective on commitment Eri. I feel like commitment is a great thing but our perspective does play a part as well. I am committed to a lot of things and I feel like there’s a certain freedom, and liberation in commiting to a particular thing rather than having different things that you aren’t committed to. I loved reading this so much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Exactly Ruth!It is our perspective on commitment that plays a great part.I am really happy you liked it and found it interesting! Thank you for commenting ❤️

    1. That was my purpose to present commitment under another perspective. Glad to know that it worked and you found it interesting. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  17. I think that some of our commitment fears come from past bad decisions or watching the train wreck that is someone else’s life. We do have to move past those things and that is the challenge.

    1. You are right! Out tgoughts create our world. Commitment as everything belse is a matter of perspective. Thank you for taking time to read and share your opinion about it. ❤️

  18. Commitment gives me direction otherwise I would flounder in life and get bogged down in all the irrelevant minutea.

  19. This is a nice and balanced way of looking at commitment. It’s good to explore and discover what we want to commit to, and once we feel strongly enough about a person/place/job/responsibility/goal, it’s a kind of freedom to actually commit to it because it brings us a sense of peace and purpose. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  20. I have never really thought of commitment in this manner. Hnmmm, I guess if we start thinking of commitment as not necessarily losing your freedom, you would be happier and doing things won’t sound like a chore. Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. This is a great post. I need to change my thoughts on commitment after reading this post. Thank you for sharing.

  22. What a great perspective, very positive to read too. I always think of commitment in one sense, to a person, but forget there are many ways to benefit for committing to other things. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I am glad you liked it. It is mostly the idea of freedom we have in our heads that we do lose some of it. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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