What does find yourself mean?

And my question to all of them is:

When have I lost myself and I have to find him?

I think that “find yourself” actually means never forget about yourself. Never forget the things you love and make you happy. Don’t get distracted by the everyday surviving struggle and forget what’s worth being alive for.  

We all do that. Many of us from time to time have to keep a job that we don’t like because it pays our bills. Will we ever be truly happy in this job?

I don’t think so.

Will we ever become successful in this job?

I don’t think so either. And that is because I think that nobody can become really good at something that he does not care enough about. 

We say to ourselves that this job is just a temporary thing while we will also be working on writing, painting, or whatever you want to fill in. But, while doing this temporary job we manage to have an income, we plan things based on this income, and as the time passes we might have more people in our lives depending on this income. 

After a while, the everyday routine which initially included, apart from the 8hours temporary job, at least 2hours of daily writing or painting has to be broken. Something should be replaced in order to do the other “important thing” that has to be done. And of course that cannot be the job that pays the bills.

You say it’s ok. It doesn’t matter if I don’t do my writing today. After all, this will not be happening everyday. But it does.

And all of a sudden we come to realize that one afternoon that was supposed to be the exception lasted for years. In some cases for too many years.

Another thing is that we all, more or less, feel the need to please other people. I don’t know why. I guess it is human nature. We tend to feel the need to please our boss, our family, our friends and loved ones. But while trying to please them all we forget of all the things that please us.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say that pleasing others could not also mean that we get pleasure out of it as well. It is much different when you spend time with a loved one, and of course you love the time spent with him/her, than trying to become someone you are not just to fulfill the expectations of parents, friends, lovers etc.

I guess that what I am trying to say is this.

Please do everything you can to always, ALWAYS remember yourself, the things you love and please you. 

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

4 thoughts on “What does find yourself mean?”

  1. Very nicely stated. As an author, with a “day job,” I can totally relate. Although, I try to set achievable goals for myself daily. And stick to them. I won’t put my head on my pillow until my goal is accomplished that day. So far, so good. It’s keeping me on track, although I confess, I miss a day here and there. No biggie, because I just make up for it. And at the end of the day, I am my own boss in my writing project so who am I in trouble with? No one, because I’m the boss. And I love that, but I also love what I do, so it’s easy to remain dedicated to the creation and my art.

  2. What does Find Yourself mean? You’ve raised a very good question. One in which I think is a journey, full of discovery.

  3. This is a great post that is very thought provoking! I really like the questions you’ve asked and I don’t think we every truly 100% find ourselves, I think it’s always a work in progress and a longer road.

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