tips that will help you have a good writing flow

Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow

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Having a good writing flow means that your readers can easily read through your post and understand everything. Writing is easy, but sometimes it might be difficult to understand. Therefore, we need to develop a good writing flow. I will explain more about it and mention all tips that will help you get a good writing flow.

This is something I realized a bit later than everybody. That is because at first, I knew nothing about the writing flow. All I knew was just to type and publish for everyone to read. Sometimes, even If I try to read it, I get confused about what I wrote haha. Hopefully, taking time to read what you wrote will help you get a good writing flow.

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Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow

Let’s talk a bit about the writing flow before we talk about the tips that will help you get it right. It could be something you already do but didn’t know the term correctly. Writing flow is how the reader can read through your text and move from one point to another.

Well, if you didn’t know, flow in writing usually refers to how easily a reader can get into the text. And that means how easily the reader moves past the text and into a reading experience where she/he is connecting with the ideas presented within the text.

We can be readers and writers at the same time. We enjoy some posts or books because of their writing. Thus, it is needed to improve our skills and make our readers enjoy our writing and have a pleasant experience while reading our stuff. This is why I decided to share with you guys these tips that will help you get a good writing flow.

Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow
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Importance of Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow

I’ve been trying to work on myself and improve how I present the information and/or my story to everyone. I found out that these tips that will help you get a good writing flow do work but you need to stay consistent with them. If you are also having my old habit of writing whatever it may sometimes take over.

Bloggers and book writers mostly use technology to write and this is how I also got my writing flow experience. However, if you are handwriting, don’t worry because these tips that will help you get a good writing flow work for both typing and handwriting as well.

When you read a blog post or a book, you find it good because it has something good to offer you or because it is something that you enjoy reading. You also enjoy navigating through the post and find it easy to read and understand.

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1. Read More Blog Posts

The first thing I would consider every time I want to improve something or achieve something is learning more about it. And one of these tips that will help you get a good writing flow is to read other blog posts. Especially, from bloggers that have excellent writing skills.

As you read other blog posts, observe how they write and what they did. This way, you can understand how others can create flow in their writing. It’s good to know how others do it. It will teach you more ways to write your blog posts. You don’t need to copy the way they write, but to understand and create your writing flow.

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Also, the more you read and observe, the better knowledge you will get finding more ways to write and more words to use. And this is something I will talk about it in a bit. Because it can help you to create a good writing flow for your readers.

This works even if you are a book writer because you still need to have a good writing flow, even for stories and books. However, you can read both more blog posts or books. Since you will write books, it’s best to check other successful authors and find out how they can present their ideas to the readers.

You can always read and learn new things every day. So, you can set several posts or pages of a book to read. To be honest with you, I started doing this late and I regret it because it helped me a lot to open up and learn more about a lot of things.

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2. Put Together a Post Outline

Some people say, write for the people and some say, write for you. Well, how about for writers and readers? Having a post outline will help you organize your writing and make it easy to write and create a writing flow. An outline is helpful for me to know what to write and don’t get lost when I write long posts.

Write down this outline somewhere on your laptop or notebook. This way, you can edit and adjust to the best you can do. If you need any changes later, it will be easy if you put it together and write it on a laptop or PC. I found out about this late, but better late than never. It’s never too late to follow these tips that will help you get a good writing flow.

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If you don’t know what is a post outline, it’s how you organize the information in your blog post or book. Highlight the main ideas of the post and key points you want to explain to the reader. The way you choose to explain these points and make readers understand what you are talking about.

You need to make sure that the reader doesn’t get lost as he/she reads through your text. That’s the most important benefit for a reader. And for you, it will be easy to write fast and clearly. Something everyone can understand, yourself included. That’s why I added it to these tips that will help you get a good writing flow because it’s important for both writer and reader.

3. Sentences Variety

One thing that would make the reader get bored reading your post or book is when you use the same sentences over and over. However, you need to be creative with your writing and make it interesting. Having a variety of sentences will help you a lot to capture readers’ attention and create a good writing flow.

This is something I actually found out about a bit later than I should have. But now that I know about it, I’m working on learning new ways every day.

Well, creating variety in your sentences means also the length of them. What information do you include in your sentences and what words do you use? We will get to this next, as it’s important if you want to create a good writing flow.

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Variety in sentences helps to grab readers’ attention as well. As it is easy to understand that the variety in your sentences is one of the greatest tips that will help you get a good writing flow.

The way you start your sentences is important as well. Honestly, I find myself starting with the same word a lot and that’s not good haha. I end up editing it and find another way to start it.

4. Enrich Your Vocabulary

Here is one I’ve been wanting to share with you. This is very important as it creates excitement in your writing. When you use different and new words, it makes it more interesting. I personally would love to read something that has a variety of words and not just regular ones we use.

Reading other blog posts is the best way to find more besides looking at the internet and learning from the internet. That’s how I learn, but you can also have a dictionary which you can just look up in it.

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Don’t get comfortable with your writing and the way you write. Try unfamiliar words and practice putting together a sentence with them. Even if you are a pro writer, this will help you get even better and be more professional in your writing.

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5. Avoid Wordy Sentences

Last but not least is to avoid wordy sentences. This is something I did before because when I started writing I was trying to reach a certain number of words. However, I forgot that it might cause the reader to stop reading my post. As I kept writing, I knew more and more about it until now and I’m still trying to learn how to fix it.

Using a combination of the previous two tips will probably help you avoid wordy sentences. The use of less wordy sentences makes your writing easier to read and understand.

Final Thoughts on Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow

These tips that will help you get a good writing flow can be combined together to get significant results. When you are missing one of them, I don’t think that your writing will have a good writing flow. Probably your readers might struggle to read it so you had better think of using them all.

This is a guest post written by Frank known as “Fransic Verso” at Frank is an awesome blogger who writes about DIY crafts and blogging tips. I would like to thank Frank for the amazing job he did writing this post and I prompt you all to go read his blog.

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43 thoughts on “Tips That Will Help You Get a Good Writing Flow”

  1. Such an amazing post… I agree with all especially reading other peoples blog. You learn from others as well as they learn from you. Thank you so much Francis Verso for this post

  2. Yes, good tips. Outlining and using a variety of sentences helps. I would also add that one should put themselves in a good writing environment and then let themselves write!

  3. Love these awesome tips for writing a good blog post, especially your tip for reading other blog posts as a way to see what is working for other people. Knowing what I enjoy reading is a big help in writing something I would like to read. 🙂

  4. Great tips! I agree with all of them, but especially reading other blog posts. It has helped me tremendously. 🙂

  5. Reading voraciously is a fun way to get into the writing flow Eri and Fransic. Great job with these post. I write a bunch daily to keep myself in the flow but have since pulled back a bit. Now it is time to dive back into writing full-tilt. Thanks for the reminder!


  6. Flow is so important! I know the days I don’t have it going. I go back and read my work out loud and it sounds awkward or reads poorly. Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely be reading more blogs!

  7. I defiantly struggle with my writing flow sometimes so this post will defiantly come in handy! Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

  8. These are some good suggestions to help you keep that writing flow going. I like to make sure I am comfortable, warm and I get my current notebook and pen and start writing. I like to set little goals when I am writing which helps me stay on track.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  9. These are such great tips.

    I need to work on post outline. I also use the Yoast WordPress plugin, which helps remind of some of these points.

  10. I definitely agree you should write for you. I do this, but lately I’ve also been thinking about the reader too, and making sure my posts are as helpful as they can be. I used to be awful at wordy sentences, but my husband helps me edit, and he is always telling me to cut things down, lol. Using a tool called Grammarly also helps with this, as it picks them out, and makes me try and cut out unnecessary words.

  11. Some wonderful words and tips shared here! I love reading others posts or even going through social media or going onto youtube and getting that inspiration. I do agree that connecting with your words and writing is important and I love it when my writing just flows naturally x

  12. These are great tips! Ideally, I would ask someone to read through my posts before they go on my blog, but it’s not possible. However, I’ve found and to be great at pointing out wordiness. WordPress itself also gives me a good indication of the readability of my posts.

    All the best, Michelle (

  13. I 100% agree with all these points Eri! I feel that my writing when I first started blogging 18 months ago was horrendous! No flow, just random thoughts and a bit all over the place. But reading other blog posts and writing more and more has made me write a lot better. I also have a standard blog outline that I use for my posts, which I think helps.

  14. I always outline and research my post before diving into them full swing. It really helps keep me on track with what I’m writing as I have a tendency to go off track!

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