The story before the story begins…

Everything seemed to be like always….small everyday problems or huje ones depending on our health, our financial status, our job status, our love life, etc. However, what i mean to say is that we all had some sort of problems in our lives but we used to have our loved ones near, to support us and to help us get by.

When I first realized what was happening in China, it must have been January of 2020. I did not pay much attention since I believed that I had seen this play before, eg. 2009 with H1N1 virus. Honestly, I found out that most of the people near me had already forgotten of H1N1 when Covid-19 appeared.

I still remember some really hard videos coming from China at that time and I was wondering how on earth could that be possible in 2020. The hardest video I had seen was about a woman that got crazy from the lockdown and the restrictions and soldiers had to build the doors of her house to prevent her from getting outside. Another story was about a member of a family who got crazy thinking that the rest of his family was ill and killed them all to protect himself from the virus.

These videos were cruel and crazy. How on earth were all these possible to happen due to a virus? But then again what Ι was thinking that it was happening in China. These kinds of things would not be possible to happen or to be accepted by the western culture. Citizens of these countries had already given fights to win their rights. Nobody would be willing to accept that kind of behaviour. Nobody would give up on their rights. Or would they?

These were my thoughts at that time. Provided that I did not have enough free time to get constant information about the spreading of the virus, I foolishly thought that it was too far away from me. Something that was happening in a fiction movie or something like that.

Come on now. I know that everyone was thinking like that. Even if the virus knocked on our county’s home it would not be me the one that would get sick. And even if i would get sick there is no chance this thing is as bad as they describe it. They used to say the same about H1N1 and it turned out to be just another flu. Right?

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