Teleworking, Good or Bad?

As I have already mentioned it has been more than a year that I am working from home. How do i feel about it? Well at the beginning I did not think that it could ever work. My job has a lot to do with human presence and understanding. I work as some kind of consultant so it is important for people to get to know us and trust us. Working from home is faceless and a bit cruel. Face to face meetings had to be replaced with zoom meetings.

Even though it felt really strange at the beginning, since it happened too fast and without actually being prepared for it. To be honest it worked. Finally, we all managed to adjust and projects were completed successfully.

Now whenI think about it, I have to say that I feel like I don’t want to go back to my previous work style. Of course I do miss my colleagues, but that is all I miss! I cannot believe how much time I used to waste daily being stuck in traffic jams and driving hundreds of miles to get to each client.

I feel like I have spent years of my life being on the road and not in a good sense. I would love it if being on the road ment exploring new places, going on holiday and changing everyday routine. I did not like waking up everyday and having to drive for at least an hour to get to the office. 

Working from home may be weird now that everything seems to operate in strange ways but when all these come to an end (and I hope that someday they will) it would definitely be my choice.

Ok, maybe I would like to visit the office some days a month but that would be mainly for socializing reasons and not for actual work.

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