Science and humanity still struggling

I think it was 13th March 2020 when I started working from home and started meeting only with people that I really had to. For a moment I thought that this could be big, I could even start writing a diary and see what happens. What if it lasted longer than we all expected? What if it turned to something that no one could ever imagine?

No, I gave up on that idea. I wanted to believe that my thoughts were excessive. Nothing like that could ever happen. We live in 2020. Science and humanity would find a solution. They had to.

However, what I realize everyday since that first day is that science and humanity are still struggling. People around the world protest every day. They worry for the changes that will eventually happen in human lives. We all had to accept a fact and were forced to obey new rules. These  new rules seem to be used from governments for much more than slowing down the spread of the virus.

Yes, this virus is a fact and lots of people have lost their lives. We all have to be careful and even if someone thinks that he/ she is not in actual danger, still we all have to be careful for our loved ones. 

Poverty, fear and huge psychological breakdowns will unfortunately result from this world crisis.

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