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Redemption is a poem about the personal redemption we all need.

Peaceful night. Indolent. Everyone believed that this peace
Would last forever.
Desperately looking for something to happen.
Intense lights, loud music. People. Lots of people. Paying attention to nothing.
Searching for one another.
How can they find others when none of them has ever found himself?

They say they know. They pretend they know.
They don’t need anyone else.
Stories of a life and dead memories.
Nothing is enough to thrill them.
Nothing is enough to awaken souls.
Souls buried in the dark.

Music comes out of instruments not tuned.
Their songs sound stupidly.
Their lights even when they are on, they are off to their eyes.
Voices without soul are heard like screams.
Screams coming from far away.

Yet, it is you who screams “Help, save me”
You are next to me. You try to reach me.
That is what I am here for. I try to reach you but I can’t.
You pull yourself back.

Night gets deeper. Your face is pale.
Your look is terrifying.
I shudder to the sound of your scream.
It is not you calling me.

What calls me is that what makes you be afraid of yourself.
Only you can find yourself.
You can be saved by you,
pink fluid - redemption
Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

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26 thoughts on “Redemption”

  1. This is so powerful! I think ‘How can they find others when none of them has ever found himself?’ will resonate with a lot of people these days. Thank you for sharing your poetry, it’s something I love to read 😊

  2. I love how you painted the chaos and feelings of fear and confusion that are so often part of becoming your true self.

  3. This took me on a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions as I read through it with different points bringing up different moments in my life I obviously need to reflect on. It’s amazing how poetry can do this — and you do it so eloquently.

  4. I love this poem Eri! Different thoughts popped up in my head as I was reading it. The line that resonated with me most is ‘How can they find others when none of them has ever found himself?’. The truth is we can’t find others if we haven’t found ourselves. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Ruth for taking time to read it! Yes, we cannot find noone without having found ourselves first. I am glad it made you think and choose the words that speak to you most! I really appeciate your comment <3

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