Orpheus is a poem inspired by Greek mythology and the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice.

I was longing for
to see your face
in the sunlight.
No steps heard behind me.
I shouldn't look back.

In a moment 
you were gone.
I was left alone.
No hope.
The fault was mine

If only I hadn't dared,
If I hadn't run behind you.
I should be left 
in grief.
Creating only mourning music.

The pain would be endless
but the fault, 
someone else's.
I remain 
unforgiven to me.

Compassion from none.
I loathe the sadness 
to see in their eyes.
Even that, I don't deserve it.
Me, who I convicted
You my love
in eternal darkness.
acoustic antique art bass - Orpheus
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

In greek mythology Orpheus was the main representative of the singing art and guitar. He was married to Eurydice. When she died Orpheus created beautiful mourning songs and music that made nymphs and gods cry. They consulted him to visit the underworld and play his music to Hades and Persephony. When Hades and Persephony heard his music they agreed to let him take Eurydice with him to the world of the living. The deal was that he should be walking in front of Eurydice and should not look back at her until they both reached the world of the living. In the middle of the road Orpeus got anxious since he could not hear Eurydice’s steps. He broke the promise and looked back to see if she was indeed behind him. Eurydice disappeared immediately and Orpheus lost her again, this time forever.

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  1. Wow this ones beautiful. I didn’t know you wrote these. It seems I’m checking your work for the first time. Xx
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