How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally
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How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally – 8 Ideas to Help

Guest post by Ahemed Shamim Ansary

Are you looking for solutions on how to recharge yourself emotionally?

According to studies, stress is one of the leading causes of mortality. Therefore, taking the time to recharge and lessen your stress is beneficial to your health. This might mean preventing certain potentially deadly health problems.

Remember that the next time you consider tearing yourself down or comparing your accomplishments to others, whatever objective you’ve accomplished.

You invest in your physical and emotional health by taking time to recharge in order to construct a happier life. The process also makes a more sustainable future for yourself. Even small breaks to grab some fresh air or go for a walk make a big impact. There are good habits to get into for future recharging attempts. Working from home does not reduce the risk of burnout.

How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally All

Appreciating yourself, setting goals, and celebrating your accomplishments are the first steps toward happiness.

Let’s have a look at the following ideas in order to learn how to recharge yourself emotionally:

How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally

1. Take Time to Appreciate Yourself

One piece of advice that we can all use is to value ourselves more. We no longer wait for people to admire us; instead, we appreciate ourselves and recognize how far we’ve come.

Many of us are still locked in a mindset of personal or professional competition with others. Some of them don’t appreciate their own accomplishments but compare them to others.

Choosing to appreciate oneself may be as easy as choosing that you are worth it. It’s easier said than done. However, if you keep thinking positively about yourself, you’ll gradually develop a new attitude and view of yourself.

2. Connect With Someone

To improve your mood, spend time with a friend. It can be done over the phone, by email, or even better, in person. Nitika Chopra, a talk show host said, “Even on my busiest days, I will always find time to prepare supper. I also make a phone call, have lunch, and do anything feasible with someone I adore.” “My pleasure is contingent on the presence of my loved ones around me.”

3. In the Morning, Practice BOP

Starting your day with behaviors that bring happiness and thankfulness into your consciousness can help you shift the tone of the rest of your day. Heidi Hanna, Ph.D., author of Stressaholic: 

5 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Stress, says, “Right now I’m focused on a Brain Optimizing Process or BOP.” “I go to the gym. I work out in the morning before I think about anything to get my blood flowing and endorphins surging. I focus on the things I’m grateful for in my life while moving my body and think carefully about them. By this, I practically meditate on them.

How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally - Practice BOP

Finally, I consider what I want to focus on for the day. Not the tasks I need to complete, but the sort of person I want to be. For example, as a good listener, someone who is completely involved and present. Or, someone who searches out chances to be nice to others.”

4. Go outside

It’s simple to take advantage of what’s on your fingers when so many things are available at the push of a button. Spend a day outside with a buddy to get away from the restrictions of your home.

It pushes you to include more exercise into your daily routine. Additionally, many people find it improves their focus and productivity at other times of the day. Staying in one place all day may be exhausting. On the other hand, getting outside helps you detach yourself from unpleasant events. It happens as long as you’re in a better frame of mind to cope with them.

Even 10 minutes may make a difference in your mood and be precious to teach you how to recharge yourself emotionally.

5. Put Your Phone Down

With everything being so accessible on mobile devices, it’s easy to become sucked into those duties. This craziness adds to your stress levels. Smartphones make it simpler to respond to work or university emails. Therefore, it’s necessary to unplug and spend time away from distractions.

Are you the sort of person who becomes concerned when you can’t find your phone after five minutes of inactivity? Are you concerned that you’re missing out on important alerts or texts from friends and family?

Then, even if it’s only for an afternoon a week, it’s even more crucial to find a passion without technology.

6. Exercise

Exercising has a positive impact on your mental health. Besides the physical benefits of having a healthy body and sound mind. Exercise allows more oxygen to enter your brain by elevating your pulse. The oxygen helps to ease anxiety, sadness, and improve your general happiness.

How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally - Excercise

It’s something we’ve all experienced. Exercising is a fantastic illustration of this. Achieving something you never intended to do in the first place is certain to make you feel you’ve accomplished something.

Thus, exercise is a great way to understand how to recharge yourself emotionally.

7. Learn Something New

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom or the institution. Whether we realize it or not, we are all continually learning new things. Learning something new simply is a part of life, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.

It is always helpful to learn a new skill or topic. You never know when a new skill will come in handy.

Our brains release dopamine when we learn something new. This chemical serves to urge us to complete a task in quest of a reward.

It’s possible that the only reward is the satisfaction of having completed the task.

8. Help others

Getting your coworker a cup of tea is sometimes all it takes. A little compassion may bring us all the enjoyment we want.

Consider that for a moment. If you’re having a bad day and a coworker or friend compliments your work or brings you a drink because you’re too busy to prepare one yourself, you’ll be so appreciative that your day will brighten.

It’s just as satisfying to spread a cheerful attitude as it is to receive one. You never know what’s going on in the lives of others around you. However, your compassion could easily be that one thing that can restore that person’s confidence in humanity.

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76 thoughts on “How to Recharge Yourself Emotionally – 8 Ideas to Help”

  1. Great post! Totally agree about exercising – itโ€™s a great way to get energy that you didnโ€™t know you had!

  2. Fab tips! I’ve been feeling so emotionally drained recently so this came at the perfect time. I always find being outside great for helping me to relax and I make a point to spend a couple of hours away from my phone every day. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I needed this. As I am recovering from major surgery next week I need to get myself back in gear to prepare for what comes next in life. Thank you for giving me some ideas on how to better myself a mental recharge!!!

  4. This is a great post and a reminder that I think we all need from time to time. The winter season is a little more difficult for me because I don’t have the recharge time that I enjoy spring, summer, and fall camping. Our first trip of the season is in just a couple of weeks and I have been counting down to that time away in nature.

  5. The ideas are interesting. I came across the concept of BOP for the first time. As I suffer from depression, I have moved away from people. Walking amidst nature is rewarding. Rather than contacting people, I rather write poems.

    1. Poetry, writing in general and practicing every form of art can be really helpful when dealing with depression, anxiety etc. I am glad you found poetry and it helps you express yourself. Thank you for reading and commenting!

    1. I second the exercise idea — always feel better when I walk — and get new story ideas while doing that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Excellent advice! Much needed at the moment as well. The world is so crazy that we’re all feeling a little emotionally burnt out.

    1. Exactly. I cannot remember another time in my life that everyone around me would be so emotionally burnt out. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  7. Loving these tips! I find putting my phone down and being present in the moment to really help re-charge my emotions. That being said, Iโ€™m defiantly going to take these tips into account and do some of these myself to help re-charge! Thank you so much for sharing with us Xo

    Elle –

  8. Great post! I’m definitely feeling a bit emotionally exhausted right now and need some time to re-charge. Getting outside always does it for me, as well as practicing Yoga.

    1. I think we all tend to forget of our value from time to time Fadima. Take care! Thank you for reading and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Yes, I can definitely agree with your suggestion. A hobby as an activity we love to engage with can be good for restoring ourselves. Thank you for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love reading posts like this, it really did give me a spur. I don’t take care of myself, I don’t appreciate me either and I’m constantly on my phone, these simple things to change are such a great idea thank you for sharing

  10. These are truly great tips for finding ways to recharge yourself. I certainly need to look into Brain Optimizing Process more so I can give that a try. I find it surprisingly easy to ignore my phone most of the time and I think not immediately checking and responding to anything that pops up on it helps me to keep my focus elsewhere for much of the day.

  11. This was a fantastic list of ways to help recharge! I’m someone who gets drained easily and once I’m drained, it’s extremely difficult to get back to baseline. I really enjoyed the ideas of learning something new and getting outside! Even in spaces that you cannot get outside, opening the window can help get some fresh air and the sunshine helps boost mood and happiness.

    I will have to check out Ahemed’s blogs!

    Christina | Raising My Three and Me

  12. Very interesting and useful read. I never heard of BOP before but it makes a lot of sense. I practice some of these and some I really need to start lol. Thank you for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I’ve never heard of BOP before, but I’m definitely going to need to look into that now. I used to work out in the mornings, but it’s a hard habit to keep up with.

  14. These are some excellent tips. Never read about BOP before, but a good one. Put down the phone for me is #1. Excessive use of social media can lead to anxiety. Outdoor physical activities, especially with friends or love ones is a good stress buster. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing these tips, they are great! It is true that when stressful things come into our life, we really have to take the time to slow down and recharge. I do like to begin my day with affirmations music I sing along to. I also enjoy a good workout. Now to work on putting my phone down just a little bit more. lol

  16. These are great! I find that sometimes I think activities are restful but actually they are not, and this is something I need to focus on more. For example, sometimes I watch netflix and find it relaxing but other times I should be doing something else, more like your suggestions. Getting outside, getting some exercise, practicing gratitude, etc. Itโ€™s really helpful to have a list as a reminder of things that are ACTUALLY restful! Thank you for sharing this!

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