Faded Image

Faded Image is a poem about the goodbye moment between two lovers. A moment kept in memory like an image that keeps fading.

The look you had is always in my thoughts.
The one you had that last night. 
I did not know it was the last.
You hugged me so tight,
A bit tighter would break me.
You knew.

You would not see me again.
You said nothing.
For a minute only,
You just looked deep into my eyes.
Your eyes open wide while looking at mine.
I was diving deep inside your mind.

I was drowning inside your head.
Getting lost forever,
A faded image of your mind
I couldn't stand that look.
I tried to lower your head.

I didn't want your look on me anymore.
You didn't like it. 
No, not like this.
You knew.
Lowered your head and left
almost running
away from me...
grayscale photo of flowers with scratched surface - faded image
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

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12 thoughts on “Faded Image”

  1. Ah, the expressive nature of this piece is striking! I love how much I can fall into the words and place myself in line with the narration. Without saying goodbye, the words express farewell.

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