The little story of my relationship with this weird thing called writing

Ever since I remember myself I was fascinated by these little things called letters. Even my first memories at age of 3 or 4 years old include me trying to draw letters. It felt totally magic that those little pieces of drawings on a piece of paper would have their own sound. That they couldContinue reading “The little story of my relationship with this weird thing called writing”

The “virtual” world of social media

Yesterday I read a post from another blogger talking about the dark side of twitter. I realized that the virtual world of social media is not as virtual as I thought it was. And of course it isn’t. We have people that make money and build careers through social media. We also have people who commitContinue reading “The “virtual” world of social media”

Digital Nomads – a new reality

This last year we all faced changes that came to our lives and learned lots of new terms. Teleworking that I mentioned in my previous post was something that was used partially from businesses before covid. This last year teleworking, or work from home which is the most casual term, has become “the rule” forContinue reading “Digital Nomads – a new reality”