Vain thoughts, vain words, vain glances. False hopes born inside you. They made you think of yesterday with me again. So much different everything was. I felt it. You wanted me back. I was a part of you myself. Until, I felt you were turning into prison. Impossible, for us, to be again as one. … Continue reading Impossible


Didn’t know whether I believed Eyes were flooded with dark Unaware of everything Felt helpless Alone Questioning everything Why did you Chose me for this harsh punishment? I owed what and to whom and I had to pay? No fear Feel light and free Darkness is transformed into light that blinds me The voices fell … Continue reading Believe


I was longing for to see your face in the sunlight. No steps heard behind me. I shouldn't look back. In a moment you were gone. I was left alone. No hope. The fault was mine If only I hadn't dared, If I hadn't run behind you. I should be left in grief. Creating only … Continue reading Orpheus


Silence, just a word. The meaning of silence to you is death. To me is just isolation, of all those noises that offer nothing. Silence, a moment of rest. A moment to hear my thoughts, to look inside me. In silence words find me, one after the other, hold each other and start dancing. They come alive … Continue reading Silence


Photo by Marc Coenen on Unreachable, Charming dream. Take me with you,  in a world  still try to understand. I disbelieve whether  I like challenges. Powerful words. Where does this power originate? What are you, saying? No interpretation. Abyssus, in front us. Abyssus, our thoughts. Me,        shipwrecked  in the vast sea … Continue reading Unreachable