What is left of you?
Two photos of you and me.

Distant memories, forgotten
Two souls once lit.

Time always knows to erase wounds
Where once were springs of dream. 

Stupid promises for eternal love,
Forgotten along with the years.

These photos I look in the moonlight,
Blurred shadows of past peace.
Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Full Moon

The words are blurred. They are lost.
Eyes are getting older. They are blinded.

Our wrinkled faces
Are mirrored in front of us.

Desires that were not fulfilled
Touch feelings that were hurt.

We move forward holding sticks.
You walk beside me. We both wrestle.

Sun is getting dark. It’s getting late.
Full moon tonight
Υour pale face resembles


Peaceful night. Indolent. Everyone believed that this peace
Would last forever.
Desperately looking for something to happen.
Intense lights, loud music. People. Lots of people. Paying attention to nothing.
Searching for one another.
How can they find others when none of them has ever found himself?

They say they know. They pretend they know.
They don’t need anyone else.
Stories of a life and dead memories.
Nothing is enough to thrill them.
Nothing is enough to awaken souls.
Souls buried in the dark.

Music comes out of instruments not tuned.
Their songs sound stupidly.
Their lights even when they are on, they are off to their eyes.
Voices without soul are heard like screams.
Screams coming from far away.

Yet, it is you who screams “Help, save me”
You are next to me. You try to reach me.
That is what I am here for. I try to reach you but I can’t.
You pull yourself back.

Night gets deeper. Your face is pale.
Your look is terrifying.
I shudder to the sound of your scream.
It is not you calling me.

What calls me is that what makes you be afraid of yourself.
Only you can find yourself.
You can be saved by you,


Vain thoughts, vain words, vain glances.
False hopes born inside you.

They made you think of yesterday with me again.
So much different everything was.

I felt it. You wanted me back.
I was a part of you myself.

Until, I felt you were turning into prison.
Impossible, for us, to be again as one.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com


Didn’t know whether I believed

Eyes were flooded with dark

Unaware of everything

Felt helpless


Questioning everything

Why did you

Chose me for this harsh punishment?

I owed what and to whom and I had to pay?

No fear

Feel light and free

Darkness is transformed into light that blinds me

The voices fell silent

Soul in peace

I follow the light

You know why you are taking me with you.

I’m silent, I believe…


I was longing for
to see your face
in the sunlight.
No steps heard behind me.
I shouldn't look back.

In a moment 
you were gone.
I was left alone.
No hope.
The fault was mine

If only I hadn't dared,
If I hadn't run behind you.
I should be left 
in grief.
Creating only mourning music.

The pain would be endless
but the fault, 
someone else's.
I remain 
unforgiven to me.

Compassion from none.
I loathe the sadness 
to see in their eyes.
Even that, I don't deserve it.
Me, who I convicted
You my love
in eternal darkness.

Inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice

Based on greek mythology Orpheus who was the main representative of the singing art and guitar was married to Eurydice. When she died he created beautiful mourning songs and music that made nymphs and gods cry. They consulted him to visit the underworld and play his music to Hades and Persephony. When Hades and Persephony heard his music they agreed to let him take Eurydice with him to the world of the living. The deal included that Orpheus should be walking in front of Eurydice and should not look back at her until they both reached the world of the living. In the middle of the road Orpeus got anxious since he could not hear Eurydice’s steps and broke the promise, he looked back to see if she was indeed behind him. Eurydice disappeared immediately and Orpheus lost her again, this time forever.

Who is to blame?

We are all to blame

Me and you,

and everyone

believes he is not responsible.

Looking away

The fire does not go out.

The drowned is not saved

 by pulling his own hair.

I tolerated them 

stepping on my back.

 I was voluntarily blind,

lying to myself.

We were all drugged.

It is time to wake up,

to collect

our scattered pieces


Silence, just a word. The meaning of silence to you is death. To me is just isolation, of all those noises that offer nothing.

Silence, a moment of rest. A moment to hear my thoughts, to look inside me.

In silence words find me, one after the other, hold each other and start dancing. They come alive on this white piece of paper.

Pages full with images, memories,  emotions. Out of nothing everything is born.

Worlds, stories. Humans, breathe, live, die and are born again. As if they never died.

Endless journeys to places far away. Magical, dark.

The biggest journeys. The journeys inside me.

I isolate myself from everyone to hear my silence, to speak its words.

In silence everything is transformed. Everything seems more real when heard in silence.

Faded image

The look you had is always in my thoughts.

The one you had that last night.

I did not know it was the last.

You hugged me so tight,

A bit tighter would break me.

You knew.

You would not see me again.

You said nothing.

For a minute only,

You just looked deep in my eyes.

Your eyes open wide while looking at mine

I was diving deep inside your mind.


I was drowning inside your head.

Getting lost forever,

A faded image of your mind

I couldn’t stand that look.

I tried to lower your head.

I didn’t want your look on me anymore.

You didn’t like it.

No, not like this.

You knew.

Lowered your head and left

almost running

away from me…


Photo by Marc Coenen on Pexels.com


Charming dream.

Take me with you, 

in a world 

still try to understand.

I disbelieve


I like challenges.

Powerful words.

Where does this power


What are you,


No interpretation.


in front us.


our thoughts.



in the vast sea


seeking for help