Are we turning into some kind of social weirdos?

I believe that all of you would agree that the Covid-19 pandemia brought huge changes to the way we all used to live our lives. It has also made us change the way we act, and react, in several cases. Most of all, I think that now we all, more or less, try to avoidContinue reading “Are we turning into some kind of social weirdos?”

Science and humanity still struggling

I think it was 13th March 2020 when I started working from home and started meeting only with people that I really had to. For a moment I thought that this could be big, I could even start writing a diary and see what happens. What if it lasted longer than we all expected? WhatContinue reading “Science and humanity still struggling”

The story before the story begins…

Everything seemed to be like always….small everyday problems or huje ones depending on our health, our financial status, our job status, our love life, etc. However, what i mean to say is that we all had some sort of problems in our lives but we used to have our loved ones near, to support usContinue reading “The story before the story begins…”