What does find yourself mean?

And my question to all of them is:

When have I lost myself and I have to find him?

I think that “find yourself” actually means never forget about yourself. Never forget the things you love and make you happy. Don’t get distracted by the everyday surviving struggle and forget what’s worth being alive for.  

We all do that. Many of us from time to time have to keep a job that we don’t like because it pays our bills. Will we ever be truly happy in this job?

I don’t think so.

Will we ever become successful in this job?

I don’t think so either. And that is because I think that nobody can become really good at something that he does not care enough about. 

We say to ourselves that this job is just a temporary thing while we will also be working on writing, painting, or whatever you want to fill in. But, while doing this temporary job we manage to have an income, we plan things based on this income, and as the time passes we might have more people in our lives depending on this income. 

After a while, the everyday routine which initially included, apart from the 8hours temporary job, at least 2hours of daily writing or painting has to be broken. Something should be replaced in order to do the other “important thing” that has to be done. And of course that cannot be the job that pays the bills.

You say it’s ok. It doesn’t matter if I don’t do my writing today. After all, this will not be happening everyday. But it does.

And all of a sudden we come to realize that one afternoon that was supposed to be the exception lasted for years. In some cases for too many years.

Another thing is that we all, more or less, feel the need to please other people. I don’t know why. I guess it is human nature. We tend to feel the need to please our boss, our family, our friends and loved ones. But while trying to please them all we forget of all the things that please us.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t say that pleasing others could not also mean that we get pleasure out of it as well. It is much different when you spend time with a loved one, and of course you love the time spent with him/her, than trying to become someone you are not just to fulfill the expectations of parents, friends, lovers etc.

I guess that what I am trying to say is this.

Please do everything you can to always, ALWAYS remember yourself, the things you love and please you. 

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

The “virtual” world of social media

Yesterday I read a post from another blogger talking about the dark side of twitter. I realized that the virtual world of social media is not as virtual as I thought it was. And of course it isn’t. We have people that make money and build careers through social media. We also have people who commit suicide due to rumors on social media.  Yes, I am aware of all these things. 

Currently, I hold one twitter and one instagram account which both were created for this blog. In the past, I used to hold a facebook account which I deleted six or seven years ago. There was a time that I realized that I was spending too much time just going through the latest posts. Too much time….

And another disturbing thing was that I had friends I no longer wanted to be friends with. There were old schoolmates, even people that I had met once in my life without actually knowing them, their interests, political opinions etc. I kept on blocking and deleting people but some of them kept insisting. I did not want to explain why I did not want to be connected with some of them anymore.

After spending such a long time away from social media I thought that I no longer had the need for them any more. 

But, the thing is that social media could be really helpful in case you want to connect with people whom you share the same interests with.To let other people know more about something you have to offer, from a product to just an idea.

Mostly through twitter. I had the chance to connect with people all around the world who also share the same passion about writing and reading. Everyday I have the chance to review creative projects and also share my posts with them. I know that the posts you see here are not actually creative. Not yet at least…. who knows; this might change…

What I mean to say is that friends and “virtual” friends should exist for a reason. Friends should be compatible in some way, not necessarily alike. Should want, and do, what is possible to support one another. Should inspire one another and share things (feelings, fears, etc).

Friendship should not include intimidation or bullying. As in real life we do not need bullies in social media. 

Digital Nomads – a new reality

This last year we all faced changes that came to our lives and learned lots of new terms. Teleworking that I mentioned in my previous post was something that was used partially from businesses before covid. This last year teleworking, or work from home which is the most casual term, has become “the rule” for every work that can be completed from the safety of our home.

A digital nomad is a person that can fulfil his / her obligations remotely but not necessarily only from one specific location. I became familiar with the term for the first time last May. It had been a while since I had started working from home and decided that I needed a change. 

I was working from home since March 2020 and ever since the day ONE everything was rolling as it was supposed to.There was no need at all to physically contact someone or to visit the company building. Sometime during May 2020 I thought of going away for a week or two and if there was a need I could always return. That was the thought.

The truth is that practically I found no reason at all to return. 

All I needed to get the job done was a good internet connection and a room that I could transform it as my office room. I have to mention that I own a home in the countryside and that is what I took advantage of. Everything was easier there and not crowded at all.

Suddenly, my everyday work routine became much easier. Whenever I felt too stressed or nervous all I had to do was to get outside for a few minutes, take some deep breaths, look around me and feel blessed to be alive. After completing my working hours I would just shut down my laptop and could do anything I wanted to, from climbing the mountain to going for a swim at the sea.

Of course, I have not stayed there ever since. Not that I couldn’t, but there were some personal issues I had to deal with back at the city. So, I kept on doing it with some breaks. It went like this. Three months at the city, Four months away, Two months at the city, Three months away, Two months at the city and still don’t know what I am going to do next.

The thing is that I very much enjoy the fact I can work from anywhere! Yes, at the time I have only used actually two places but the experiment has been done and was completed successfully!

I read somewhere that there are countries that will actually invest in this type of working. Meaning that they will offer benefits to digital nomads that will choose them as their working base. If I remember correctly, I think I have read about places like Maldives, the State of Hawaii, Greece and I guess that there will soon be more to follow. 

I know that this kind of approach to living might not be the choice for everyone. Definitely there are things found in big cities which cannot be found in tropical islands. Theater, cinema, big concerts and fancy restaurants are not easily found away from big cities. Even the most basic things like big hospitals and good schools might be problematic in some cases.

To conclude, I believe that being able to choose the best place to do your job from is a big thing! 

Like everything in this life, what works for me does not mean that works for you also. 

We should, all and always, be able to choose what we want and not what we have to.  

Teleworking, Good or Bad?

As I have already mentioned it has been more than a year that I am working from home. How do i feel about it? Well at the beginning I did not think that it could ever work. My job has a lot to do with human presence and understanding. I work as some kind of consultant so it is important for people to get to know us and trust us. Working from home is faceless and a bit cruel. Face to face meetings had to be replaced with zoom meetings.

Even though it felt really strange at the beginning, since it happened too fast and without actually being prepared for it. To be honest it worked. Finally, we all managed to adjust and projects were completed successfully.

Now whenI think about it, I have to say that I feel like I don’t want to go back to my previous work style. Of course I do miss my colleagues, but that is all I miss! I cannot believe how much time I used to waste daily being stuck in traffic jams and driving hundreds of miles to get to each client.

I feel like I have spent years of my life being on the road and not in a good sense. I would love it if being on the road ment exploring new places, going on holiday and changing everyday routine. I did not like waking up everyday and having to drive for at least an hour to get to the office. 

Working from home may be weird now that everything seems to operate in strange ways but when all these come to an end (and I hope that someday they will) it would definitely be my choice.

Ok, maybe I would like to visit the office some days a month but that would be mainly for socializing reasons and not for actual work.

Science and humanity still struggling

I think it was 13th March 2020 when I started working from home and started meeting only with people that I really had to. For a moment I thought that this could be big, I could even start writing a diary and see what happens. What if it lasted longer than we all expected? What if it turned to something that no one could ever imagine?

No, I gave up on that idea. I wanted to believe that my thoughts were excessive. Nothing like that could ever happen. We live in 2020. Science and humanity would find a solution. They had to.

However, what I realize everyday since that first day is that science and humanity are still struggling. People around the world protest every day. They worry for the changes that will eventually happen in human lives. We all had to accept a fact and were forced to obey new rules. These  new rules seem to be used from governments for much more than slowing down the spread of the virus.

Yes, this virus is a fact and lots of people have lost their lives. We all have to be careful and even if someone thinks that he/ she is not in actual danger, still we all have to be careful for our loved ones. 

Poverty, fear and huge psychological breakdowns will unfortunately result from this world crisis.

Why now?

Why I decided to start writing now seems like a reasonable question.

The answer is that when something really huje is happening in our lives we rarely understand its impact the time it is happening. Even if we realize that what is happening is big we cannot understand how big it is.

It was last March when I went to my job for the last time. I mean being physically present there. I keep working from home ever since. Whoever i was talking to at the time we were all guessing that all these would last for a couple of months….a couple of months and we were talking about it as these two months would really be a long time. 

These two months were too long. And so were all the other months that followed. What has happened during all this time? 

Pandemia. Worldwide lockdowns. Social distancing. Teleworking. Masks. Financial breakdown. Poverty. Human rights violations. Fake news. Vaccines. Police brutality. Most of all, society was prepared and educated for a new world order.

Most residents of this planet are willing to give up so much in order to protect their safety and the safety of their loved ones. I don’ t find this strange or crazy. It is understood and it is expected to happen. Self-preservation instinct is the strongest human instinct.

What i mean to say is that within this last year everything is really weird compared to what it was before. I am afraid to think of what it will be like when all these come to an end. I am afraid to think of who we will be when all these come to an end.

I am not a negative person to end this post like that. No matter what I still believe in people. I believe in love and kindness. We will find a way. We will make it through.

The story before the story begins…

Everything seemed to be like always….small everyday problems or huje ones depending on our health, our financial status, our job status, our love life, etc. However, what i mean to say is that we all had some sort of problems in our lives but we used to have our loved ones near, to support us and to help us get by.

When I first realized what was happening in China, it must have been January of 2020. I did not pay much attention since I believed that I had seen this play before, eg. 2009 with H1N1 virus. Honestly, I found out that most of the people near me had already forgotten of H1N1 when Covid-19 appeared.

I still remember some really hard videos coming from China at that time and I was wondering how on earth could that be possible in 2020. The hardest video I had seen was about a woman that got crazy from the lockdown and the restrictions and soldiers had to build the doors of her house to prevent her from getting outside. Another story was about a member of a family who got crazy thinking that the rest of his family was ill and killed them all to protect himself from the virus.

These videos were cruel and crazy. How on earth were all these possible to happen due to a virus? But then again what Ι was thinking that it was happening in China. These kinds of things would not be possible to happen or to be accepted by the western culture. Citizens of these countries had already given fights to win their rights. Nobody would be willing to accept that kind of behaviour. Nobody would give up on their rights. Or would they?

These were my thoughts at that time. Provided that I did not have enough free time to get constant information about the spreading of the virus, I foolishly thought that it was too far away from me. Something that was happening in a fiction movie or something like that.

Come on now. I know that everyone was thinking like that. Even if the virus knocked on our county’s home it would not be me the one that would get sick. And even if i would get sick there is no chance this thing is as bad as they describe it. They used to say the same about H1N1 and it turned out to be just another flu. Right?