Are we turning into some kind of social weirdos?

I believe that all of you would agree that the Covid-19 pandemia brought huge changes to the way we all used to live our lives. It has also made us change the way we act, and react, in several cases. Most of all, I think that now we all, more or less, try to avoid several things that we wouldn’t do so in pro Covid times. I am sharing my personal experience regarding the way that my social life and behaviour has changed during this last year.

Avoiding the office

Since March 2020 I have been working from home. It was not my decision, but it happened. To me this was a huge change since I would normally spend more than 12 hours a day at the office, or on the road, going to, or leaving from it. To be honest this change is not that bad. The job itself can be done from the comfort of my own apartment. What I do miss is the social part of my job. I haven’t even seen any of my co-workers in person since March 2020. Even though we have daily zoom meetings it feels cruel cause the interaction is not the same. I miss our after work Friday night drinks. Actually, I miss going out and having drinks in general but that is another story.

Avoid supermarkets and stores

If I can shop online then this is what I do. Back in the old days I would visit the shops without even wanting to buy something. Just to walk around, see the shop windows, maybe even try some clothes just for the fun of doing it. Well, I don’t anymore. I might spend hours browsing but it should be something really extreme for me to go out and actually look for it. 

Avoid public transportation

I used to love moving around using the subway. It always gave me the feeling that I was able to feel the pulse of the city and of course it is so much faster than driving through traffic jams. Now, even the thought of it repels me. Too many people, too close one to another. No, not for me. Not anymore. At least for now.

Avoid social events

Just a week before my country entered a lock down for the first time I had a party. I used to plan social events and now I choose not to attend to any of them. Yes, back then I used to be a social person.

Avoid meeting in person with someone unless it is absolutely necessary

I used to turn every phone call to a meeting. I always felt that meeting someone in person helps to deal with every possible problem. Even if something is hard to deal with, meeting someone would somehow make things easier and smoother. Now, the prospect of meeting with someone when I can avoid it seems that makes no sense.

Avoid getting too close to other people

Even when I meet with close friends and relatives I don’t get too close to them, I avoid shaking hands, hugs and kisses. Every kind of human relationship is important to me, but I feel that I am somehow getting trained not to be as demonstrative as I used to be. 

Avoid others out in the street

When I go out for a walk or running I try not to get too close to strangers. I would even choose another route just to avoid the crowd. I used to be the person who would go for a walk just to see other people moving around and now I feel like I run away from them.

All the above came as a result of the fact that social distancing was the master rule in order to protect myself and others from Covid -19.

Sooner or later, we will get rid of Covid, but I honestly don’t know how socially weird I might have become since that day.

Did you have similar changes in your social life or behaviour?

I would like to learn about your thoughts on this.

10 thoughts on “Are we turning into some kind of social weirdos?”

  1. I’m personally fine with the idea with working from home. But I’m on the same page with you on the social part. Even as an introvert, I loved my colleagues (they’re really friends), and they were a lovely, genuine, and fun bunch to be around. But everything changed when Covid happened, and it greatly affected the travel industry which we were involved in. Some of us were called back to office, while some of us worked from home, but then the situation got worse. It’s unfortunate. I do hope things get better for us. It isn’t natural for us to be wearing masks like this, but we have to.

  2. Thank you Lucid for your comment. I hope that things will get back to normal but it has already been more than a year and it makes me wonder.
    Hope you are great!

  3. I’ve never thought about it like this! I’m lucky to work for the NHS, so I was still able to go to work and socialize! I think if I wasn’t able to, I’d definitely be lacking in the social department! My partner was working from home so I was essentially the only person he saw everyday!

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