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Welcome to Weird Lifestyle! A place created to share inspiring and motivational articles, along with creative writing tips and advice. In this place, I also share some of my short stories and poems.

Weird Lifestyle was born out of a need to escape from the boring reality. There was also the need to communicate my thoughts and my writing with the rest of the world. Every day I realize that it grows to something much bigger than that and I am really grateful for it.

Why Weird Lifestyle?

This place is named Weird Lifestyle because the whole world we live in is weird and so is life. Everything keeps changing and we all try to follow. Weird Lifestyle also because it was created during the Covid 19 lockdown in 2021. During that period the world was full of weird lifestyles.

Weird Lifestyle Logo
Weird Lifestyle Logo

I consider weird as not something bad but as something beautiful and unique. Unique in a way which would never make me feel bored. We may all struggle from time to time to follow the norms and try to fit in this world. I think everything would be better if we simply admit that we all hide a small weirdo inside us.

Writing is usually thought as a weird and mystic process. During the writing process, new worlds can be created and magical things can happen. And yes, I believe that this is true. But, the biggest secret that lies behind every writer is that you just have to start writing. From that moment on everything is possible.

About Me

I am Eri, the creator of Weird Lifestyle. I live in Greece and I have studied Informatics and Creative writing.

For as long as I can remember myself I have always loved reading and writing. After all, reality can get cruel and we all need to escape from it by doing what we love most.

One of the things that I love most is reading fiction, poetry, and books or articles that inspire and motivate me to take action and create the life I want for myself. And this is also what I decided to write and share with you here. Articles about life that I would also like to read, some short stories, and poetry that I create.

For those who wish to try and take a dive into the world of writing I will also be sharing some creative writing tips that can help you unlock your creativity.

How this Weird World Works

Sometimes life sucks. Difficulties come in our way, we feel bad, get angry, have negative thoughts. We have all been there. What I try to do here is share my thoughts, sometimes combined with useful information, about all these while also looking for inspiration in everything. Even in our worst moments there is always something that can give us hope.

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by Georgia Stathopoulou

After all, everything is part of our lives and it is our perception about everything that could turn this life into a pleasant dream or into a nightmare. We all have a choice to make and stay committed to it.

If you want to know some more information about my story and how I started blogging you may find them  here.