Silence, just a word. The meaning of silence to you is death. To me is just isolation, of all those noises that offer nothing.

Silence, a moment of rest. A moment to hear my thoughts, to look inside me.

In silence words find me, one after the other, hold each other and start dancing. They come alive on this white piece of paper.

Pages full with images, memories,  emotions. Out of nothing everything is born.

Worlds, stories. Humans, breathe, live, die and are born again. As if they never died.

Endless journeys to places far away. Magical, dark.

The biggest journeys. The journeys inside me.

I isolate myself from everyone to hear my silence, to speak its words.

In silence everything is transformed. Everything seems more real when heard in silence.

19 thoughts on “Silence

  1. So beautifully written. Coming from a huge family, silence always scared me. It’s something I’ve learnt to appreciate and love over the years I’ve been an “adult”

  2. A good reminder. Congratulations! Sometimes, Silence is the perfect scream for those who know how to hear. It is often more effective than talking. It can also have an effect that words cannot.

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